Dark Venture: An Adventure Card Game

Created by Rob Lemon

Explore a dark-fantasy future with your hero, completing their quests to win in this retro, competitive, cooperative and solo adventure game!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

October Shipping Update and CDs!
4 days ago – Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 12:47:48 AM

Hello Friends!

I wanted to send out an update in case you missed my outline of 'shipping events' in the main project comments. The freight shipping process should begin this week, fulfillment to you should begin (if everything runs smoothly) in November.

Yesterday I received photos of your games packaged in cartons, ready to begin their journey across the sea! Our order has been split into three main lanes: USA, Europe, and Australia/Asia. 

Neat! Cardboard boxes!
More cartons! TRU FACT: Each of these cartons holds almost 9kg of expansions.

Here's what has happened over the past month. I received pre-production samples of the game on September 10th (just over month ago) and, after reviewing thoroughly, most of the order was scheduled for printing...but...there was an issue with the coating on some of the board components (dashboards, tracks and mat): they were printed without linen texture and needed to be revised (and re-approved). The printer sent me new board samples and I gave final approval of the game on Sep. 27th. 

Meanwhile, I had locked Backerkit orders and addresses on Sep. 20th so that I could get everyone’s information to our shipping/freight partner to get a final quote.

Also, as this was happening, various game components were being printed. Once the fixed boards were approved they were printed. Elements were assembled together into packages and the packages were put into the cardboard boxes (seen in the photos above), ready to ship!

Early this week we hope to finalize the freight shipping plan and get things moving (literally!).

In other news, we received the first physical copies of the CD for proofing. I think they look amazing! Thanks to Craig Chin for working on the design and layout of the art...and, as part of Errant Space, for creating the music (he also took these photos)!! Craig is making final adjustments and we expect to start sending out the physical CDs within a week or two. 

Don't forget to grab your FREE digital copy of the Dark Venture soundtrack from the Backerkit page (go to your survey, if your link isn't handy you can always go here: https://dark-venture.backerkit.com/). On Backerkit, your one-use soundtrack code is considered a 'Digital Download'. 

REDEEM your soundtrack code on Bandcamp here: http://errantspace.bandcamp.com/yum 

That's it for now. I'll pass along any new information as it becomes available!

Thanks again,


Dark Venture Soundtrack Available to Backers TODAY!
25 days ago – Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 03:39:41 AM

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to let you know that LATER TODAY you should receive a digital download code from Backerkit to access the DARK VENTURE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK! 

Everyone who backed to receive a copy of the CORE GAME will get a free album code today, before the soundtrack is available for purchase later this week. Backerkit will notify you that the album digital download is live and will grant your unique code with a link to the album download page. I will also post the DOWNLOAD LINK as a comment to THIS THREAD once the codes have been released.

The soundtrack, inspired by the retro, dark-fantasy, sci-fi themes of the game, immerses you in the world of DARK VENTURE. It contains synthwave 'musical' tracks, ambient mood tracks, and 'soundscapes', environmental recordings from the Dark Venture world.

Thanks again and keep an eye out for your album digital download email from Backerkit later today!


We're locking addresses TOMORROW!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 09:48:57 PM

In this, one of our shortest updates EVER, I’d like to remind everyone that we are going to lock addresses TOMORROW (Friday, September 20th).

Please update your shipping address and finish your survey before the end of the day tomorrow!

You can go here if you lost the link to your survey: https://dark-venture.backerkit.com/

More exciting news and a meatier update coming soon.

Thanks again!


Pre-Production Samples: A FIRST LOOK!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 02:59:15 AM

Hello Friends!

This is a big one, so strap yourself in. 

Yesterday we received the pre-production samples of the Dark Venture CORE GAME and VILE INVADERS EXPANSION. I'll start by saying that I think they look absolutely stunning. And they smell good too. Oh, that 'newly printed game smell' of fresh ink and cardboard. The colors on all components are bright and the print quality is crisp. All die-cuts are exceptionally precise, specifically the tokens (with thin rings of color around their edges on front and back). The boxes have a sleek matte finish with a subtle linen texture, exactly how I had imagined. 

The dashboards (hero and follower) have a thick upper layer of board with a thinner layer of board adhered below it. Considering that the equipment/inventory cards sit on the edge of the dash, the thinner adhered under-board works perfectly.

The decks of cards are heavy (the cards are thicker than in our prototypes) and the card quality and linen embossing are great.

Here is a photo showing all the game components included in the core game. There's a video below with a complete unboxing, showing how everything will fit into the box. I wanted all the components to fit as snugly as possible, and they do.

Here are all the contents of the VILE INVADERS expansion. 

I hope that soon I will have time to film a few rounds of the game (spoiler free) with the pre-pro sample. When I do, I will post them to BoardGameGeek here: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/228412/dark-venture 

Keep a watchful eye on that page.

In other big news, last week we initiated a partnership with QUARTERMASTER LOGISTICS to handle ALL our shipping, worldwide.  Working with fulfillment partners across the globe, they offer the highest level of customer support and shipping management. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with them and are confident that they will ship your copy of Dark Venture to you as quickly and safely as possible.

Next, I wanted to remind everyone to COMPLETE YOUR BACKERKIT SURVEY and update your address if it has changed as soon as possible. Right now, maybe? We'd like to LOCK ALL SHIPPING ADDRESSES by FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 20th. Here's a link to get you started: https://dark-venture.backerkit.com/

Note that any PRE-ORDERS (a.k.a. 'late pledges') made BEFORE SEPTEMBER 20th are likely to ship along with the main order.  If you know ANYONE who might want a copy of Dark Venture, let them know that if they place their order before SEPTEMBER 20th they are likely to get the game at (roughly) the same time as everyone else!

Also, I wanted to mention that the DARK VENTURE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK is complete! We are almost ready to deliver the album download codes, free to all backers. Your code will unlock the album on Bandcamp (where the soundtrack will be hosted and sold). We will notify you as soon as your code is available, likely within a week or two.

The OST cover depicts the view from inside the mine that's on the cover of the CORE GAME!

There's a lot happening right now! Thanks for your patience and thanks for backing Dark Venture, we couldn't have made it without YOU.


August Production Update!
about 2 months ago – Sun, Sep 01, 2019 at 02:03:52 AM

Hello fine backers!

I was *REALLY* hoping that this update would be about our pre-production sample, but I’m still waiting for the factory to print it. As soon as it’s printed and I get it into my grubby clutches I’ll post a much more exciting update with pictures of the unboxing (and maybe a video!).

To make sure we are all on the same page, here is the current schedule.

I gave production approval on Aug. 4th. The manufacturer estimated that we’d receive the physical PPC (pre-production copy) “before the end of the month” but, seeing as it's the 31st, that isn’t the case. However, I'm expecting to receive it next week.

As for the rest of the schedule, we are on track to have mass production complete by about the middle of September, give or take a week. The ground shipping to port will begin a week or so after that (last week of September). Freight shipping (by boat) was quoted to me as being 4-6 weeks (From first-hand experience, I have backed games that freight shipped in 3 weeks while others took over a month) so that puts arrival of the boats to customs at the various ports around the end of October. 

Fulfillment partners (Quartermaster, Gamesquest, Aetherworks, Snakes and Lattes) could get the games and start shipping, if things run smoothly, by November 15th or thereabouts.

 That’s if for now. Here’s to hoping the next update will be very soon!!